The Monsters We Are
Drama Feature Screenplay
When his parents die, a children's book author returns home where his autistic brother's fixation on wearing a monster suit may be the only thing that can resurrect his dying career.
American Swelling
Drama Feature Screenplay
An aimless young woman Must Keep watch over her estranged brother after he SUFFERS a concussion in a burglary gone wrong.
Where the Dog Is Buried
Dark Comedy Short Screenplay
Now In Post-Production!
After a man accidentally runs over a dog, he argues with his wife over what to do with it and what it could mean for the safety of their future children.

named a Semifinalist in the 2019 Screencraft Short Screenplay Competition
Warrior Pose
Comedy Short Screenplay

At a rage yoga class where letting it all out is expected, Gwen struggles to tell An exhausting Mandy she doesn't want to be friends anymore.
Shifting Gears
Drama Short Screenplay

Lucia, a Latinx teenager, Must balance working at her father's autobody shop and her desire for a life free of responsibilities.
Comedy Short Screenplay

Tripp's Move to college is delayed after a yardwork accident. Thankfully his mom's new boyfriend is around to help...
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