Santiago Bukovsky - Director

Telling Stories to:
Root for the Underdog, Seek Connection, 
Embrace Adventure, and Play like a Kid
Santiago is a director, 1st assistant director, and 2nd assistant director based in Michigan. 
He completed an undergraduate degree in chemistry before fully embracing his passion for filmmaking (talk about a catalyst!). Raised on the Oregon coast, he enjoys spending time at the nearest body of water. 
His short film screenplay "Where the Dog is Buried" was named a semi-finalist in the 2019 Screencraft Short Screenplay Competition. 
As a narrative filmmaker, He is fascinated with exploring morally ambiguous characters in order to ask questions about interpersonal relationships. Recent directing works include the short films: "Where the Dog is Buried," “Headlights,” and “Old Man’s Peak.”
Pre-production - Budgets, Breakdowns, Scheduling, and call sheets.
On set - Schedule Management, Exhibit G, and production reports. 
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