Director. Surreal. Comedy.
Santiago is a director based in the Midwest. 
Santiago Bukovsky is a Mexican American filmmaker drawing inspiration from the oral storytelling traditions within his family and the magical realism of Mexican cinema.  He is the founder of Wild Duck Films and is represented by Phoenix Films for commercial production. 
Raised in a low-income family in rural Oregon, he did not have access to formal training in filmmaking, instead embracing a self-taught approach. This unique path shaped his storytelling, emphasizing the raw, unpolished aspects of the human experience.
After completing an undergraduate degree in chemistry, Santiago fully embraced his passion for filmmaking. But as a Mexican American filmmaker, he recognized the lack of accessible role models in the industry. These early career experiences fueled a desire to educate and support others interested in entering the film industry, making it a point to create a welcoming environment for other aspiring filmmakers.
His commercial work has been featured on Ads of the World, part of the Clio Network, and his short film screenplay "Where the Dog is Buried" was named a semi-finalist in the 2019 Screencraft Short Screenplay Competition. The dark comedy film is currently entering its festival run and stars Elizabeth McLaughlin (Hand of God; the Clique) and Jordan Fry (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Meet the Robinsons).​​​​​​​
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